Limning Heterotopias

p behind the surface; I am over there, there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my own visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself...”[1] - Michel Foucault The exhibition featur... read more

Scaffolding the Absent

es on human mortality and the fragility of our existence. “I wanted to create the fragile and slippery ground upon which our life and our existence rest,” explains the artist. Using the figure of the ... read more

Ribbed Routes

address of what should be society’s goal in the coming years, to work towards peace and harmonious coexistence. It is not naïve to imagine this as a goal that we should place at the forefront of our ... read more

Between Perplexity and Dream

the exponents of the Jorasanko circle, and the android martyr-saviours of science fiction. Such intertextuality is integral to Iranna’s logic of figuration, which engages vigorously with the human bod... read more